Television and Film Production (Vocational Program)


A Study program educating students to be able to convey messages in audio and visual flow. This flow can be found on television and interactive multimedia media packaged in creative elements in delivering messages to make it more interesting.


Core Course:

Game Animation, Cel Animation, Digital Audio, Graphic Programing, 3D Modelling, Web Design, Web Game 3D Animation and Special Effect, Digital Imaging, Web Programming, Videography & Storyboarding, Interactive Multimedia, Basic Design, Editing Digital & Video.

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Animator, Web Designer, Videorapher, Art Director, Photorapher, Storyboarder, Digital Ilustrator, Game Programmer.

International Certification:



Address: 98 Raya Kedung Baruk Surabaya

Telephone: +6231-8721731 Ext: 710

Head of Program: Dr. Muh. Bahruddin, S.Sos, M.Med.Kom.


National Accreditation : Good