Teknoform Museum

The museum is used as an educational facility outside of school and a place to learn (IT) Information and Technology. The Teknoform Museum is the only IT museum in Indonesia that was inaugurated in 2017 by the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini. As an IT-based campus, Universitas Dinamika provides a platform for young people to find out about the pioneer of technology today..

Once inside, visitors will see two parts of the collection arrangement, above and below. At the bottom, visitors will be treated to developments in information technology from time to time. Starting from the pre-mechanical era (300 BC-145), the mechanical era (1840-1950), the electro-mechanical era (1840-1940), to the electronic era (1940-present). While the top is sorted by computer type from year to year, from input and output, storage media to the computer network.

The oldest collection in the museum is the mechanical calculator engine, Additor, which was made in 1920, while the most recent technology is VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and Virtual Laser Keyboard. All items in the museum are obtained from the founder's private collection, hunting for flea markets and various donor contributions, since the Teknoform Museum is very open to those who are willing to donate their items.

As a tourist destination in Surabaya, in a year Teknoform Museum gets more than 1,300 visitors. Starting from elementary school, junior high school, high school and even from universities outside Java who are enthusiastic to come. Teknoform Museum is open every Monday-Friday during office hours. To enter the museum is free of charge.