Rector's Greeting


Focus on education has now shifted. From its role in producing graduates with excellent grades to be producing graduates with job relating skills and entrepreneurial spirits. University with all of its programs are urged to meet the demand of the highly competitive working environments. Graduates with only good grades are no longer sufficient. Employment indicates that the number of people looking for jobs increases annually.

Students are encouraged to have self-confidence on their ability and competency acquired during their study in the university. Universitas DInamika attempts to design an educational system that in line with the current competitive demand, both at domestic and at international level. Therefore, we will be able to produce graduates capable of taking any challenging opportunity at the both levels.

We are always following the progress of technology which is rapidly moving forward. By doing so, it enables us to prepare graduates who are ready to take any challenge and opportunity in the advancing world of technology, by providing a balance between soft and hard skill. In addition, we put more emphasis on integrity and the value of honesty so that all the knowledge gathered by students will enable them to join any job at any place in the world wide environments.