Campus Life

At Universitas Dinamika, you will get an experience in using RFID (Radio-frequency identification) which is integrated in parking systems, academic activities as well as food and beverage purchases. In addition, gaining "ECO Campus Award" from the Surabaya City Government, Universitas Dinamika will ensure you a clean, healthy and smoke-free environment.

There are four soft skills that students must possess, namely Leadership, Networking, Entrepreneurship, and Achievement. Leadership and Networking skills will be obtained by students in odd semester. Meanwhile, Entrepreneurship and Achievement in the even semester. Each skill is taught in three meetings containing materials and interesting special assignments.

Universitas Dinamika facilitates student competitive and sportive sports activities. Sports fields and the equipment for basketball, futsal, badminton, capoeira, silat, and wall climbing) can be used from 8 a.m. until 20 p.m. The use of sports fields and the equipment must be known by the general administration unit located on the 2nd floor of the blue building.

Counseling Service
The mission of the counseling service is to provide psychological services to Universitas Dinamika's students to be able to share their stories and experiences .